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A Fine Chimneypiece in White Statuary Marble

An exceptionally carved 18th century marble frame, showing the motif of the oak leaf with acorns, interruputed by acanthus leaves on the corners and by a ribbon at centre. The delicate ornament of a romanesque leaf runs around the profile. The acorn was a very popular decorative motif in Greek and Roman culture that was used to symbolise fertility and the possibility of creating new life. It was used as a decoration with this significance on many everyday objects, and it was later adopted by Neoclassical British architects for interior decorations, as shown by the late 17th century pine frieze here below, now conserved at the V&A.

Height 45⅝in (116cm) width 57⅞in (147cm)
Internal height 40⅛in (102cm) width 46⅞in (119cm)
Shelf depth 3⅛in (8cm)