Superior quality Antique Fireplaces and Reproduction Lighting

Jamb has established an unrivalled reputation in the UK and worldwide for dealing in superior quality antique fireplaces and creating the finest quality reproduction fireplaces.

Will Fisher, the creator of Jamb and one of London's most highly regarded antique dealers, has meticulously acquired one of the most extensive collections of marble and stone antique fireplaces in the country, including rare 17th century, Georgian and Regency mantelpieces. 

Our reproduction fireplaces are made by highly skilled craftsmen at our unique workshops who use traditional 18th and 19th century techniques.

We have one of the finest collections of rare specimen antique marbles quarried in the 18th & 19th centuries that are used for inlay so each fireplace surround has complete authenticity.

Jamb continues its exceptional collections with our reproduction antique lighting and country house furniture, all made to the same exacting standards as our fireplaces and inspired and designed using historical reference.

Our Pimlico gallery is one of London's most noteworthy antique showrooms. It captures the classical English Country House aesthetic which lies at the heart of the Jamb design ethos, with examples of our extraordinary Antique Fireplaces and Reproduction Lighting. An aesthetic that translates perfectly for any home in the city or country.

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