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Jamb G316 fireplace


A Robust, Regency period and Style Chimneypiece in Statuary and Convent Sienna Marbles.

With plain rectangular shelf raised on bed mouldings above the sienna frieze. The frieze centred with a neo classical statuary tablet decorated with a tazza, filled with well carved summer flowers, allegorical of ‘abundance’. The flanking sienna side panels overlaid with a band of statuary flutes. The jambs with rounded tapering columns in statuary, with rectangular protruding statuary blockings decorated with lidded urns above, the opening flanked by sienna panels with simple white mouldings, the whole raised on foot blocks. Circa 1800.

Height 53⅛in (135cm) width 70⅞in (180cm)
Internal height 41¾in (106cm) width 43⅜in (110.2cm)
Footblock to footblock 62¾in (159.5cm)
Shelf depth 10in (25cm)