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An Exceptional and Rare English Rococo Chimneypiece of Great Historical Importance.

This exceptional chimneypiece is of great historical importance. A rare example of English Rococo, it has the added distinction of being by Sir Robert Taylor, at so it carries huge architectural significance. The English Rococo enjoyed the briefest flowering before giving way to Graeco-Roman Neoclassicalism later in the 18th century. Consequently, pure English Rococo chimneypieces are usually only found in important listed buildings. During the 1750s, Taylor produced some of the finest chimneypieces in this fashionable new style. Only a handful are known to have survived. This one perfectly illustrates his assured touch. Eschewing unnecessary and superfluous decoration, he produced a beautiful balanced, flowing design.

Height 67¾in (172cm) width 88⅔in (225cm)
Internal height 50in (127cm) width 61in (156.5cm)
Footblock to footblock 86½in (220cm)
Depth 12in (30cm)