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A Late 18th Century Scottish Neoclassical Pine and Gesso Chimneypiece

The central tablet depicts the three Graces disarming Cupid. The scene is after a painting by the Neoclassical painter Angelica Kauffman (1741–1807). The Graces steal and break Cupid’s bow, who is tied to a tree and looks distressed. On the right corner block Diana is handing Cupid a handful of arrows. The young lady on the left corner block is referring to the book of Isaiash 11:6, “The lamb shall lay down with the lion”, a metaphor for peace and harmony. The frieze is decorated with garlands of flowers hanging from bows and paterae. Slender double column jambs are capped by acanths capitals charmingly upheld by four ball finials. The moulded shelf is decorated with a running leaf decoration and
a gothic arch and acorn motif.

Height 57½in (146.5cm) width 65¾in (167cm)
Internal height 45⅛in (114.5cm) width 49⅝in (126cm)
Footblock to footblock 58⅝in (149cm)
Shelf depth 6⅛in (25.3cm)