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French & Italian


A Fine Empire Style Chimneypiece in White Statuary Marble with Ormolu Mounts

An antique 19th century French Empire statuary marble fireplace of unusual design, decorated with Ormolu mounts. The rectangular shelf with rounded corners, the frieze with an inset moulded panel framed with running peal, with gilded, interwoven oval ormolu laurel wreaths. The jambs in the form of rounded, tapering and fluted, inverted Thyrus (a wand, attributes of the wine God Bacchus). Decorated with pine cones, symbols of fertility, and acanthus. The flutes stopped with foliate tendrils.

Height 42 1/2 in (108cm) width 55 1/4 in (140.3cm)
Internal height 35 1/4 in (89.5cm) width 43 1/4 in (109.9cm)
Footblock to footblock 50 1/4 in (127.6cm)
Depth 15 1/2 in (39.4cm)