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An Exceptionally Finely Carved 18th Century Chimneypiece of Neoclassical Design in White Statuary Marble with Spanish Brocatelle Inlays

The moulded shelf is supported by an inlaid freeze, interrupted at the centre by an elliptical urn with birds’ heads shaped handles. This is carved in sunken relief, as well as the laurel wreaths at either side. The frieze terminates in cornerblocks presenting a flaming torch, bow and quiver. The inlaid jambs, raised on footblocks, are interrupted at half-height by paterae.

Height 55⅜in (140.8cm) width 75⅛in (190.8cm)
Internal height 44in (112cm) width 46in (117cm)
Footblock to footblock 67in (170cm)
Shelf depth 6½in (16.5cm)