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A Late 18th Century Beautifully Executed Neoclassical Chimneypiece in Statuary and Convent Siena Marbles.

The central tablet depicts an exceptionally well carved putto driving a chariot drawn by a lion and a ram, showing the God’s ability to tame all animals in nature. This is flanked by replaced frieze panels, carved with running finger flutes. The recessed corner blocks bearing exquisitely detailed carved urns, above jambs carved with bows, and hanging acanthus and anthemion floral motifs in low relief. The inground veneered with S-cut Siena marble of high quality.

Height 58⅞in (149.5cm) width 75½in (191.8cm)
Internal height 42in (106.6cm) width 46in (117cm)
Footblock to footblock 68in (172.8cm)
Shelf depth 6⅞in (17.5cm)