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A Finely Carved 1780s Neoclassical Pine and Gesso Chimneypiece

A Georgian III fireplace with an imposing breakfront shelf, an acanthus leaf motif running along the border. The central tablet is after the painting “Telemachus and the Nymphs of Calypso” (1782) by Angelica Kauffman conserved at the MET. This illustrates an episode from the French novel “The Adventures of Telemachus” published by François Fénelon in 1699. The subject is the arrival of Telemachus on Calypso's island, where he is welcomed by her nymphs with fruit, wine and flowers. The goddess Athena is disguised as the old man Mentor. Flower garlands are carved at either side of the tablet, ending with a nymph and a cupid on the corner blocks. Laurel leaves run along the jambs, while a beaded border frames the internal opening.

Height 60in (152.5cm) width 73in (185.5cm)
Internal height 47¼in (120cm) width 53⅛in (135cm)
Footblock to footblock 66⅛in (168cm)
Shelf depth 6¼in (16cm)