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Jamb N341 fireplace


A wonderful, early 20th century, Statuary and Jasper fireplace after a design by Henry Holland

An early 20th century, statuary and Jasper marble fireplace after an original design by Henry Holland (now in the RIBA collection), circa 1796, for one of the bedrooms at the Prince Regents, London Palace, Carlton House, demolished in 1825. The pilaster jambs with long tapering and fluted, extinguished and caped torchiers, symbolising the darkness of night, the frieze with undecorated shaped tablet and circular paterae, contrasting against the coloured jasper. The whole neatly framed by white marble and standing on footblocks.

Height 48in (124.5cm) width 57¼in (145.5cm)
Internal height 41½in (104.5cm) width 42⅜in (107.5cm)
Footblock to footblock 58in (147.5cm)
Shelf length 63½in (161.2cm)