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An Irish 18th Century Chimneypiece Carved in Specimen Marbles

An Irish 18th century chimneypiece carved in specimen marbles. The statuary marble central tablet is carved with a handsome Roman tazza urn, terminating in fluted corbel corner blocks are carved in exquisite solid Convent Siena marble, the frieze and jamb panels are wonderfully figured Bardiglio, punctuated by statuary ingrounds, bed moulds and footblocks. The tablet is very finely carved in low relief, decorated around the rim with Pietra Dura inlay and rams heads, with bell flowers hanging from flanking ribbons.

Height 58⅛in (147.7cm) width 68⅞in (169.8cm)
Internal height 45¼in (115cm) width 42⅜in (107.6cm)
Footblock to footblock 60¹⁵⁄₁₆in (154.7cm)