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Jamb G185 fireplace


A Bold Neoclassical Chimneypiece of White Statuary and Spanish Brocatello Marbles

An English neoclassical antique fireplace of white statuary and coloured Spainish Brocatello marbles. The tiered moulded shelf above the rectangular shaped frieze inlaid in white with a continuous double Greek key fret on a red and yellow tinted Brocatello marble. The end blockings carved with Neptune’s three pronged trident behind tilted wine ewers with dolphin- shaped handles, upheld by ribbons falling from bows. These are a rejoiner to celebrate and toast a naval victory. The tapering pilaster jambs with fluted inlaid with Brocatello.

Height 49⅝in (126cm) width 63¼in (160.5cm)
Internal height 37⅜in (95cm) width 37⅝in (95.5cm)
Footblock to footblock 57¼in (145.5cm)
Total depth 7¼in (18cm)