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An extremely sophisticated Regency statuary marble antique fireplace. The shallow mantelpiece with moulded edge, the reeded frieze centred by a tablet carved with a bacchic mask issuing ears of wheat, the recessed semi-circular reeded jambs supporting finely carved Roman-vase carved corner blocks. 


The vases are taken directly from a drawing by Ennemond-Alexandre Petitot (1727–1801), part of an engraved series entitled Suite de Vases published in 1764. Petitot won the Grand Prix d’Architecture and lived at the French Academy in Rome from 1746–1750.

Height 50 1/2 in (128.3cm) width 63 5/8 in (161.5cm)
Internal height 40 in (101.6cm) width 40 3/8 in (102.6cm)
Shelf depth 8 in (20.3cm)