A statuary and Siena marble antique fireplace, late 18th century, circa 1795. With moulded shelf with rounded corners above the frieze, which is centred with a tablet of a reclining goddess Venus (beauty) accepting a gift of a basket of flowers from her winged son Cupid (love). This is flanked by panels of Siena and at the ends blockings with oval shaped flower heads in ovals. The pilaster shaped jambs with Siena sandwiched between cyma decorated mouldings. The whole on foot blocks.

Height 47 7/8 in (121.4cm) width 66 1/2 in (168.9cm) 
Internal height 39 7/8 in (96cm) width 42 1/2 in (108cm) 
Shelf depth 7 3/8 in (18.8cm)