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A Magnificent 18th Century Irish, Statuary Marble Bossi Chimneypiece with Sienna Inlay.

The superb S-cut Sienna inlays are the result of meticulously piecing together the Sienna veneers, fusing each piece through an already existent fault line in the marble. The finely carved fluted jambs uphold cornerblocks of scagliola laurel leaves, and the central tablet shows a rake and shepherd’s crook which suggest pastoral themes. Similar work by Bossi featuring themes of the harvest are recorded at Merrion Square, Dublin. The remarkable dexterity of the scagliola detailing is a hallmark of the work of Pietro Bossi’s studio. Bossi, the eponymous master craftsman behind the scagliola technique referred to as ‘Bossi-work’ or ‘Bossi-inlay,’ worked in Dublin for thirteen years having left Lake Como in 1785. His work, unique in its perfection of the scagliola technique, enjoys a profound influence on the design of Neoclassical chimneypieces.

Height 58½in (147.9cm) width 68½in (174.3cm)
Internal height 47⅛in (119.7cm) width 45½in (116.4cm)
Footblock to footblock 63⅓in (161cm)