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An early 19th century, George IV period, statuary marble fireplace after a design by John Nash. The frieze centred with a large rectangular plaque decorated with an acanthus leaf, symbolising enduring long life, and bunches of grapes and vine leaves: attributes of Bacchus, God of wine and a personification of Autumn. The end blockings above the pilaster jambs with bearded Bacchic heads copied from those on the famous Warwick vase. First discovered in the late 18th century this massive, 2nd century CE, Roman vase caused a sensation when it passed into the collection of the 2nd Earl of Warwick in the early 19th century and had great appeal to the 19th century eye. Circa 1820–1830. 

Height 47 in (119.5cm) width 62 1/2 in (158.8cm)
Internal height 36 3/4 in (93.5cm) width 39 3/4 in (101cm)
Footblock to footblock 64 1/2 in (163.8cm)
Shelf length 72 in (183cm)