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An impressive 19th century Palladian style antique fireplace following a classic Jones/Kent design, in white statuary marble with Jasper frieze upheld by Sienna columns, fully exploiting the dramatic polychromatic effects of the coloured marbles on white. The moulded statuary shelf breaking and protruding over the frieze which is centred with an elongated panel of elegant Jasper of variegated colours which falls and drops on to architrave; this is flanked by Jasper side panels and protruding blockings. The white marble pilaster jambs are fronted by imposing monolithic columns of Sienna which sit on rounded socles and are surmounted by fluted composite caps. The whole raised on foot blocks.


Height 56 3/4 in (144.2cm) width 80 in (203.2cm) 
Internal height 44 1/2 in (113cm) width 46 in (116.8cm) 
Footblock to footblock 70 5/8 in (179.1cm)
Shelf depth 12 1/2 in (31.8cm)