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A late 18th to early 19th century Neoclassical chimneypiece in Jasper and statuary marbles. With stepped moulded shelf which breaks forward over the jambs. The fluted frieze with a central tablet depicting Aesop's fable, Dog and Shadow. The tale depicts a dog crossing a river via a wooden bridge carrying meat in his jaws, who notice his reflection in the water. In jealousy of his reflection’s food, he opens his mouth to steal it, and in doing so drops the tender morsel into the water. This has been taken from an engraving in Francis Barlow's Aesop's Fables of 1687 (an identical tablet can be found on a chimney piece tablet at Russborough, Wicklow). The jambs also fluted echoing those above, the whole on foot blocks. 

Measurements: to be confirmed