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A statuary marble antique fireplace, late 18th century, of neoclassical style with inlaid sienna marble finger flutes. The central tablet bearing a very well executed depiction of Endymion, flanked by his Shephard’s dog and a raised urn bearing the symbols of Diana the Huntress. The tablet is flanked by panels of inlaid finger flutes, the blockings to either side with fruit laden urns, the pilaster jambs with urns, foliate motifs, trophies of musical instruments all falling from knotted bows. The whole on foot blocks. 

Endymion was a handsome, young shepherd prince loved by the moon-goddess Selene. When Zeus offered him a choice of destinies, Endymion chose immortality and youth in eternal slumber. He lay perpetually in a cave on Karian Mount Latmos where his lover Selene would visit him each night. Endymion has mythological connections with with Diana the Huntress, who was also associated with the moon, and who was also said to have been in love with Endymion. This relationship is depicted throughout neoclassical art and literature, for example in a painting by Francesco Solimena, Diana and Endymion, 1705–1710. 

Height 54 1/4 in (137.5cm) width 71 1/2 in (181.6cm)
Internal height 41 1/2 in (105.5cm) width 44 3/4 in (113.5cm)
Shelf depth 6 3/8 in (16.5cm)