Dyrham Stone Fireplace

Dyrham Stone Fireplace
Specifications £6,800 (+ VAT)

The barrel shaped frieze of this mid-18th century designed stone fireplace features garlands of oak leaves and acorns tied by ribbon, representing peace, prosperity and longevity – carved to celebrate the peace treaty of Aix La Chapelle in 1748. The elegant opening is surrounded by flat panels which contrast with the shaped frieze above, decorated with a continuous double Greek key fret. The in grounds and out grounds sport delicate foliage, while the moulded shelf boasts intricate egg and dart.

Height 55 1/2 inches (141cm) width 59 1/4 inches (150.6cm)
Internal height 38 inches (96.5cm) width 36 inches (91.4cm)
Depth 8 11/16 inches (22cm)

£6,800 (+ VAT)