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Jamb Bradley Bardiglio fireplace

Bradley Bardiglio

This Bardiglio and statuary marble 18th century style fireplace features a beautifully carved plaque depicting a bear being stung as it steals honey from a hive. This represents Aesop’s fable reminding us that it is wiser to bare a single injury in silence than to provoke a thousand by flying into a rage. The delicate shelf and opening moulding are crisply carved with egg and dart, while the jambs are carved in statuary with scrolling brackets, acanthus and flower decoration, all applied to the Bardiglio jamb pilasters.

External height 60in (152.5cm) width 83½ in (212cm)
Internal height 44⅜inches (112.8cm) width 47⅞inches (121.6cm)
Depth 11¾inches (29.7cm)