Russborough Marble Fireplace

Russborough Marble Fireplace
Specifications £24,000 (+ VAT)

The richly veined, yellow sienna marble of this reproduction fireplace contrasts with the naturalistically carved white statuary marble in the manner of Sir Henry Cheere (1703–1781). The carved tablet illustrates Aesop’s fable The Dog and the Shadow, the moral of which is ‘thou shall not covet’. The original chimneypiece comes from Russborough House in Co. Wicklow, one of the most magnificent Palladian mansions in Ireland. Built in local silver-grey granite with crisp architectural details, the house boasts the longest entrance front in Ireland, extending to over 700 feet.

External height 61 3/8 inches (156cm) width 81 3/8 inches (206.7cm)
Internal height 46 3/8 inches (117.8cm) width 46 1/2 inches (118.2cm)

£24,000 (+ VAT)