Cliveden Marble Fireplace

Cliveden Marble Fireplace
Specifications £14,500 (+ VAT)

This delicately carved white marble fireplace of late 18th century Italian design has a rectangular moulded shelf sitting above a frieze centred by a carved relief depicting a pelican attacking a snake. This is a reference to the attribute of Charity, one of the 'foremost theological virtues'. The jambs are of square columnar form headed by plain capitals and carved flower-heads, vine leaves and tendril paterae, sitting above classical scrolling handled urns.

External Height 48 inches (122cm) Width 71 3/4 inches (182.4cm)
Internal Height 34 3/4 inches (88.5cm) Width 45 1/4 inches (115.6cm)
Depth 12 1/2 inches (32cm)

£14,500 (+ VAT)