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Practise what you preach. Jamb wall lights at my home In Camberwell.
21 August 2015

Within the lighting range at Jamb amongst the hanging lanterns and globe lanterns, we have over fifteen wall lights, with over twelve different hand created finishes. Let me explain how I came to choose the wall lights for my home.

Our reproduction lighting range has evolved from Antique designs we have once owned or designs we have developed ourselves with an eye on history.

The Small Sized Original Wall lantern

As you can guess from its name the original wall lantern was the first we ever made. Here it sits outside the front of our home: a confused facade of a late eighteenth century terraced house with a Gothic Victorian bay and a carved gothic portico gratuitously added to it in about 1860. I feel the lantern harmoniously blends these two worlds with its classical outline and gothic embellishment. It is constructed from cast brass sections and the curved glass provides maximum light – helpful in those pitch of dark winter nights… Most of our lights come in Small, Medium and Large. It works extremely well in all three sizes but in this case we have used the smallest to suit the scale of the location. Whenever returning home it is the first thing that greets me!

In the kitchen we used the Croft Wall light. In this case designed to immediately give the below stairs feel of an Edwardian kitchen. I love these wall lights and find them extremely versatile. We have scattered them in various other areas of the house including the upstairs bedrooms. With their low ceilings the lights enthuse an intimacy with its soft ambient light source. I used them recently in another location where I attached vintage light shades. They looked outstanding. I also find them dynamic and can be used in any environment from Country house interior to modern settings.

At the back of the house we have a pair of Benson lights in Antique Verde Gris finish. The rectangular case of the wall light mirrors the straight lines within its environment: the lines of the rendered wall, the steps leading up to the garden, the table below. The brass reflector helps illuminate many summer nights sitting outside.

During the time we have been away on our Summer holidays, the builders have been busying away at home installing a long awaited shower room. One of the things I’m most excited about in this new room is putting in one of our new wall light designs: the Conroy wall light, which I waxed lyrical about in an earlier blog.

The Conroy is perfect for bathrooms as it is IP rated ( so many things you have to consider when designing now!) with an LED light source. With it’s long angular shape it can lie horizontally or vertically – handy in small perpendicular spaces and with its heavy brass fixture you can feel the quality of the product. Maybe coming home from holiday won’t be so bad after all…