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Taking Jamb into the 21st Century with our New Wall Light, the Conroy.
22 May 2015

This week our advertising product shots were photographed of our new reproduction Wall light: The Conroy. A wall sconce with a contemporary but 1920’s influence, making it one of our most dynamic and versatile wall lights to date.

The Conroy Wall light in Polished Nickel in the Bathroom.

I am passionate about the Conroy. It has been a heartfelt journey to get to this point. It has taken over a year and a half to totally re-engineer, redesign and update it to work in both home and commercial environments including IP rating for bathrooms. The end result is beyond expectation.

A pair of Conroy Wall lights in Antique Brass

The Conroy has a heavy brass fixture with a hand crafted central opaline glass shade that is of staggering quality. For me the acid test was creating something that not only looked amazing in situ and lit but is also weighty and tactile. I can’t bear it when you go to pick something up that looks beautiful but is actually as light as one of my children’s toys…

Art Deco detailing of the Conroy Wall light in Antique Bronze

I am hugely excited by its versatility. It’s perfect for so many different settings within the home or hotel. For the bathroom, hallways, kitchens – any space needing a run of wall lights. My other wish was to try to evolve accessibility with an everyday aesthetic without ‘dumbing down’ on quality and this too we have managed.

The Conroy Wall light in Antique Bronze in the Kitchen

It’s been over six months since we shot our last photo shoot. They are always chaotic, ad hoc and fun. The Jamb team varies between Charlotte, Henry, Ben Drury and the photographer Simon Upton with the photo shoots ingredients chosen and purchased by me. It is a pragmatic and egalitarian process and one that these days I seldom seem to win. Best picture layout and photo takes the prize!

Four pairs of eyes deciding on the perfect picture.

On our last shoot we were thirty minutes into prepping when I heard an excruciating scream from the drawing room. I ran in to find Simon Upton ashen white and staring at his boot, his voice trembling in pain as he explained he had dropped a marble fireplace shelf on his toe. When he finally removed his boot It was not pretty, there was claret everywhere, his toe now similar to shark bait. But with testimony to his professionalism he continued to photograph until Charlotte, my wife arrived and pulled us all to our senses and immediately took him to hospital. With cries, ‘ Can anyone fly a plane?’, his assistant took the controls and we finished the shoot. Simon required urgent Surgery the next day and further to our amazement he headed straight to Heathrow to board a plane for his next shoot!

Simon Upton, a Professional and photographic genius from Head to Toe

Thankfully the shoot this week proved to be a little less eventful and I can’t wait to see the advertising shots.