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An Exquisite late 18th / early 19th Century Chimneypiece in Neoclassical Style, with Jasper Inlays of the Highest Quality

The Jasper inlays on the frieze and jambs are framed by a beaded detail, while a lambs tongue moulding runs around the opening. An elegant moulded shelf rest on the frieze. The theme of this fireplace is poetry. Starting from the central tablet, the subject depicted is most certainly from Homer’s Iliad, illustrating a battle scene with Apollo, identified by the lyre next to his feet, protecting Hector from the impetus of Achilles. The cornerblocks are carved with two half-bust portraits in profile, facing the central table. The man wearing a ruff collar on the left is Shakespeare, while on the right the Italian poet Dante is wearing a Florentine cap with a laurel wreath.

Height 46¼in (117.5cm) width 61¾in (157cm)
Internal height 37in (94cm) width 42½in (108cm)
Footblock to footblock 56¼in (143cm)
Shelf depth 14⅛in (36cm)