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French & Italian

Jamb I177 fireplace

I177 (Sold)

A Strong Statuary Marble Chimneypiece in the Louis XVI Rectangular Style

A handsome French statuary marble antique fireplace in the earlier Louis XVI rectangular style, but of 19th century date. The rectangular shelf breaking forward at the ends over the jambs. The frieze well carved with an oval medallion of acanthus leaves flanked by inset panels framed with a continuous running pearl decoration. The end blockings with acanthus echoing those in the centre. The jambs in the form of consoles with acanthus decorated curved brackets with falling drops of pearls.

Height 53½in (110.5cm) width 59¼in (150.3cm)
Internal height 41½in (105.5cm) width 33in (84cm)
Shelf depth 14in (35.5cm)