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Will Fisher, The Creator of Jamb defines the English Country House Aesthetic.
6 January 2015

We are hugely excited to be launching our new website and to be turning on the lights to our new additions of our reproduction lighting and lanterns as we step into the New Year.

We have continued to amass some of the finest antique fireplacesfrom the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries to our collection that are the inspiration to the finest reproduction marble and stone fireplaces. This year we created the Dunshay and the Compton fireplace and we are delighted to offer any reproduction fireplace in our exclusive black marble stock.

The Dunshay fireplace with the Lorimer Fire Dogs.

The Compton Fireplace with the Haywood Register Grate.

Jamb holds the reputation of being the only place to go for the comprehensive English Country House style. This aesthetic is the beating heart within Jamb and encompasses the furniture, objects and art found within manor houses and stately homes of the 18th century and 19th century and has long been the inspiration behind the reproduction lighting and furniture section of Jamb.

English country house dealers strive to find these artefacts in ‘country house’ condition. This means untouched and untampered with. These are often articles of furniture that were commissioned for the house or have been there since the day of manufacture. By nature of retaining country house condition, restoration should always be minimal or ideally not at all. I love the term ‘sleepy’ with faded grandeur, or as my old mentor, Warner Dailey used to say, appearing as if they have ‘grown roots’ as they have been in their location for so long.

Late 17th century Chinese Black Lacquer Cabinet with Taxidermy by Darwin Sinke von Tongeren.

Items of furniture that possess this rare quality give a room an extraordinary sense of establishment whether placed in a city home or country house interior. Those pieces alongside an antique chimneypiece or reproduction fireplace create the heart of any home.

Wishing you all a wonderful New year.