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Unveiling our latest lighting advertising with Jamb hanging lanterns.
8 April 2016

This week we unveil our latest advertising campaign, starting with some of the Jamb hanging lanterns. We photographed our latest lighting images in one of our favourite country house locations. It is always exciting and great fun working with the creative team: the photographer Simon Upton – who has been shooting our campaigns from the beginning. Charlotte and myself, the art director Ben Drury and the associate director Henry Bickerton – a pivotal part of the team, great stylist and visionaire, whose input is integral. I always love coming back from a buying trip and seeing how he has shaped the showroom with the latest arrivals of antiques and reproduction pieces.

Our medium Lattice lantern in antique grey and distressed gold highlighting.

Today marks the beginning of the publication of our new advertising images. We start the campaign by showcasing the lattice globe, shown here in antique grey with distressed gold highlighting finish. I wanted to design something that would seamlessly fit into any environment. Whilst clearly being of the classical world, I strove to create an ambiguity, so that the design could be seen to either hail from the nineteenth century Regency period or 1920’s neoclassical revival. I went through many eighteenth century pattern books to choose the decoration that felt most appropriate to fulfill this task. Once I had worked out the design for the central casting I chose to make it the largest globe lantern in the collection. It also comes in a smaller size which we used for the advertising campaign.

An illustration of how the lattice globe lantern in frosted glass is used for interiors as well.

I used the lattice globe lantern again in the living room of my recent Hanbury street project. With the frosted glass finish it creates a more contemporary look with our Hanbury sofa and French glass coffee table.

The creation of Jamb was formed largely with the obsession of the English Country house aesthetic. However often these items have a tendency to be of the larger scale and I have been keen to develop items that work in domestic surrroundings like most of us live in. For some time I have been aiming to create lanterns therefore of a smaller scale, but that have lost none of the charm of their larger counterparts. Two of these recent design developments are the Hinton and the Barnsley.

Our new Hinton hanging lantern in brown bronze.

The Hinton comes in a brown bronze finish. This classic timeless cylindrical lantern with smaller proportions make it an easy addition for any interior.

The Barnsley hanging lantern.

The Barnsley Hanging Lantern, a classic octagonal lantern, is inspired by both eighteenth and nineteenth century design. Illustrated here in antique verdigris, it is extremely elegant and like all our lights, timeless.

You will soon start to see these images coming to print in the magazines: World of Interiors, Country Life and House and Garden.

In next week’s blog I will be showcasing the second part of our advertising images, focusing on our new wall lights.