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Treasures at the Decorative Antique and Textile Fair.
23 January 2015

This week was the Decorative Antique and Textile Fair in Battersea Park. It has grown and developed under the stewardship of David Juran. For many antique dealers and decorators alike it has become a must see fixture in the calendar. Under one roof you can find some wonderful decorative antiques and textiles in a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere. It never fails to turn up gems for home and pieces for the Jamb showroom.

Long queues develop as everyone waits for the opening bell. You can feel the overbearing sense of anticipation at what jewels may be found. Friends become adversaries as anxiety sets in as to who will find what … and where.

This year the stress had become too much. Having fallen fowl of quicker smarter dealers queueing from the early hours I decided to take a less neurotic approach. Pretending to myself I didn’t care, I arrived late to stroll round at a leisurely pace.

To my amazement (and considerably more luck than judgement) the new approach appeared to work. Whilst nattering nonsense to fellow dealer friends and not really paying attention, I looked up and there was a bronze Grecian revival frame.

It reminded me of one I had missed twenty years prior at Christies King Street auction house. Made from Bronze, this type of work is converted from an early 20th Century sign which was manufactured in both England and America. It is always of phenomenal quality and shows a moment when the Renaissance in classical architecture truly worked. Strict in form and a rich deep brown bronze in colour – I fell immediately in love!