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The Day that Jamb went Green: Jamb Lights and LED light bulbs.
23 October 2015

I am excited to say that that Jamb has made it’s first steps in going green. We are aiming in the right environmental direction and have united our Jamb lights and LED light bulbs. Tom, who works with us introduced me to the wonderful new company called Tala – a pioneering set of young entrepreneurs who create the most beautiful LED light bulbs.

The ambient glow from the Tala LED light bulb

They provide a perfect union with the Jamb lighting range and we now stock many of their LED bulbs that harmonise perfectly with all of our globe lanterns, hanging lanterns, wall lights and desk lamps.

The LED light bulbs work perfectly even with our desk lamps.

Tala’s passion and integral belief in making a top quality British product took two years of researching and developing. The bulbs use ten times less energy, are 90% more efficient – lasting fifteen times longer than other LED. The conscientious impresarios focus was on addressing the future and potential problems the next generation may face. Sustainablility was the most significant consideration for them.

Our Mercury Globe hanging lantern with the LED light bulb

This is the first time an LED light can exactly mimic the warm light of a vintage Edison lamp and Tala have revolutionised Thomas Edison’s nineteenth century invention of electric light through carbonised bamboo filament to LED chips laid on to columns of sapphire substrate. It is not only a step towards being more environmentally conscious, significantly reducing Carbon Dioxide emissions but the bulbs adhere to the quality and aesthetic that Jamb is passionate about.

Our Windsor hanging lantern with Tala’s LED light bulb.

Our lights can be operated on a dimmer switch creating varying degrees of warmth and atmosphere.

The LED glow from our Barnsley hanging lantern

Tala ( which is an African word meaning beauty and conservation) have also taken their ethical steps even further and for every five lights they sell, they plant a tree. I am proud to be associated with this beautiful company.

The Hinton in the foreground with the Mercury in the background