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Reproduction lighting in English Country homes.
29 July 2016

Jamb is known for its advertising campaigns that started in our Drawing room in Camberwell, styled by Charlotte and I, always photographed by the inspiring Simon Upton. The creative team has now broadened to include Henry and Ben who have worked for us for years.

The Hamilton globe pendant.

We have collaborated with some of the finest English country home estates and aligning the reproduction lighting products within the environment is one of my favourite parts.

I love the simpleness of the form of the Hamilton globe lantern, and the moulding in cast brass here sings against the blue of the walls. What I love about brass is that is naturally tarnished, so like the country home we photographed in it, age is its journey and no finish was required.

The Tatham wall light.

We shot the Tatham wall lantern in the exquisite Dining room with the centuries old gilt decoration. It was the perfect background for the distressed gilt finish and perfectly matched the elegance of this Egyptian revival wall light.

A perfect regency setting for the Windsor hanging lantern. The books of centuries old, sitting snugly with book markers, reminders of time.

There is a synergy that occurs when you connect the right lighting design or piece of furniture to the correct environment. A thread of likeness and refinement. The Windsor hanging lantern reflects the early nineteenth century when the exotic within the new worlds was being discovered. Steeped in Moorish embellishments with the exotic pineapple style head, it celebrates the influences of this time and also embraces a gothic influence. The aged finish was perfect for this setting and it felt as though the light has been in this space since it’s incarnation.

The Hyde wall lantern was created in three different sizes to marry with the three varying sizes of the Hyde hanging lantern that is in our lighting range.

Charm and design are key when talking about the country house aesthetic. The hierarchy that runs through the floors and areas of a country house: from maids room, estate office, stable block to grand entertaining rooms of these extraordinary dwellings create the complete picture and genre of the country house.

Today the aesthetic is filtering through the mainstream with a resurgence of interest. From Chimneypiece to kitchens, colour scheme to lighting, the underlying theme of common sense and good design is finding it’s way back into our everyday decorating language.