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Reflections of the year so far and new Beginnings.
26 April 2019

The start of the year has been an extraordinarily busy time culminating in the launch of our Atlanta showroom on April 11th and the new websit that was months in the planning.

It was a relief to have achieved it all and then have Easter to reflect and recalibrate. Before we went to Atlanta to launch we took the children on a whistle stop tour of New York with the obligatory visit to Balthazar, the restaurant where Charlotte and I met in 2003. This time we also took them to Brooklyn to see the apartment that Charlotte lived in before she moved back to England to start her life with me!

Amongst it all we managed to visit the eponymous Guggenheim and Whitney museums. The highlight being the exhibition of Hilma af Klint whose beautiful work I found extremely moving. In 1906 Af Klint began creating radically abstract paintings, the like of which had never been seen before. She was a trail- blazer: bold, colourful and untethered from any recognisable references to the physical world. It would be many years later that Kandinsky and Mondrian found their similar expression. Unlike her male counterparts though who were to find great acclaim in their lifetime, Af Klint kept her extraordinary work largely private and was relatively unknown and remained so for many years after her death as she rarely exhibited and stipulated that no one would see any of her paintings until twenty years following her death.

When we went onto Atlanta and launched the showroom it felt like such an achievement after everyone’s hard work, especially Henry, our design director, who worked tirelessly for days making sure everything was installed correctly and in time.

Now both our American showrooms are in full swing alongside our London showroom. In L.A and the west coast where we have been settled for a while in Michael Smith’s Jasper showroom and in the southern states we are looked after by Ainsworth Noah in Atlanta owned by the formidable Dennis Hunt.

Miami was the perfect antidote to all of the hard work and was full of vibrant energy, too many Caipirinhas and Havana cigars! My son was thrilled to be able to skate around the streets which proved to be the perfect bedrock for his moves, inspired by New York's wonderful new architecture and Miami's Art Deco architecture.

We are thrilled to have also launched a new website. It has taken almost a year in discussions, planning and building for it to launch and it feels much easier to navigate. The many products of Jamb are clear to see, breaking down into three divisions: Fireplaces, Lighting and Furniture.

Jamb's new mobile website.

Preview of the new website on mobile.

The fireplaces fall into three categories. The reproduction designs in stone, marble and bespoke. The Antique chimneypieces: Georgian, Regency, French and Italian and then the Grates and Accessories.

Our lighting collection breaks down into nine different facets: Hanging globes, hanging lanterns,Hanbury hanging lanterns ( our more affordable range)inspired from the 1920's industrial age, wall lights, Hanbury wall lights, table lamps, chains, finishes and finally the complete Hanbury collection.

Our reproduction Holland sofa takes centre stage beneath a canopy of reproduction hanging and globe lanterns.

The furniture designs fall into eight categories. Seating: Chairs, settee, stools and benches. Then the table range, Mirrors and then Antique furniture.

Jamb Londo howroom

An English George IV well figured mahogany circular dining table in the manner of Jupe.

We have also been rebuilding the antique sister company to Jamb: Hawker Antiques and we have almost three hundred items on the site at present. I honestly feel I have some of the best antique pieces that I have had for a long time. You never know what is going to surface when you are dealing and I have managed to gather some wonderful antiques.

We now need to settle for a little while before London Craft week begins on the 8th May for a week followed shortly afterwards by Belgravia in Bloom – watch this space for our collaborations during those weeks!