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New additions to our hand crafted lighting range.
9 September 2016

Although the holiday has come to an end, my spirits were lifted when I arrived back to our London showroom and was thrilled to find our most recent additions to our hand crafted lighting range beautifully displayed by our loyal and hard working team at Jamb.

The croft wall lights (top) come in a choice of reeded or studded shades. The Florin wall lights below, cast an ambient light, in nickel and brass and the Conroy wall light in the middle is perfect for all environments, including bathroom use. The Adler hanging lantern, (also IP rated), available in brown bronze, nickel and antique brass sit on the table ( a brass version is also available)

The Croft wall light with the brass reeded shade.

I am extremely excited about our new range of wall lights and hanging lanterns which are smaller and extremely versatile for any space and have a lower price point whilst still managing to retain the quality of craftsmanship found in all our reproduction products. Each piece is hand worked: individually crafted from thick copper sheets and then hand patinated.

The croft wall light with the studded shade in nickel.

There are many different finishes to choose from: distressed silver to antique verdigris.

Many of our reproduction products are titled after inspirational people and the Kick light is no exception, named after an extraordinary woman with an irrepressible nature: Kathleen ‘Kick’ Kennedy, (1920-1948), sister of JF Kennedy.

Kathleen first met William Cavendish, Marquess of Hartington, in England as a debutante in 1938 when her father was appointed American Ambassador to England. As the war approached she was sent back to the USA, much against her desire. Four years later, seeking a way to return to England, she secured a job with the British Red Cross and ended up marrying William Cavendish (much against her mother’s will and ardent Catholicism that she felt was threatened by Cavendish’s Church of England faith). They were tragically only together for just over a month, when he was killed by a sniper; if this terrible twist of fate hadn’t intervened, she would have become the Duchess of Devonshire and owner and preserver of Chatsworth (where she is buried). Four years later she became romantically involved with Earl Fitzwilliam, of Wentworth Woodhouse, who was in the process of divorce. Flying to France together, their plane got caught in a storm and lost control. No one survived. Kick was 28 years old. Ashamed of the scandal that would be unearthed, the Kennedy’s did what they could to cover up the story, and indeed paper over her memory. Her father was the only member of the family to attend her funeral, arranged by the Cavendish’s. The Kick light pays homage to the effervescent spirit and boundless energy of an independent woman who until recently has been long forgotten.

The Kick hanging lantern in antique verdigris.

The handmade metal coolie shade of the Kick hanging lantern embodies the continued integrity of craftsmanship upheld at Jamb whilst retailing at the lowest price point I have achieved so far. This has been my passion and mission, that has taken many years; to continue to create solidly engineered fixtures but aim also, to retail at an equally desirable price point. As well as the Kick hanging light, another highly successful example of this is the Adler light, inspired by the 1920’s industrial era.

The Adler hanging lantern, illustrated above in a brass finish ( antique brass and nickel can also be choosen) will also be available soon in a wall light.

The Mo wall light is another addition to our new lighting range.

The Mo wall light with a semi-cylindrical shade.

From the proudest area of the house, to the nook of an English country house boot room – from the art deco style bathroom, to the corridors and hallways of any environment, our new lighting range provides the perfect illumination, however bright or ambient, for any space however big or small.