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Jamb’s Hand Finished Lighting in London
28 August 2015

A Peek behind the scenes into our London workshop

The concept of our lighting is that it should look like it’s always been there. One of the key factors in achieving this is through the finish by replicating existing antique examples. We have worked over many years in developing our finishes through hand processing to establish an authentic patina. We endeavour to create a surface that gives the ambience of time.

The Hyde lanterns in varying scales and in different stages of the finishing process

Whether our designs come from the 18th,19th or 20th century we painstakingly replicate the sentiment and feel of an antique or period light from that era.

The Impressive Delaval in Antique Verdigris

Certain lights lend themselves to certain finishes – not simply on an account of historical precedence, but also the type of manufacturing process that has been involved. For example many of our earlier lights, in particular the globe collection, are manufactured combining rolled copper and cast components that lend themselves to antiquing and distressed finishes. Nickel plating for example requires a perfect flat and unblemished surface to achieve the perfect result for contemporary and modern settings. The Strand is an example of this.

Over time Jamb has been lucky to find a great team of highly skilled craftsmen who work tirelessly to create the twelve finishes we have perfected. Distressed gilt, Antique brown bronze, Antique Grey, Antique Silver, Antique Verdigris, Brass, Brown Bronze, Copper, Nickel, Painted Finish, Verdigris and Winter Green.

Brown bronze is one of the most popular finishes at the moment. Followed by antique silver. Both have a sense of faded grandeur. Here our specialist heats the metal which allows the wax to penetrate deeper, ultimately protecting the metal from future wear and tear, before he adds the next layers

Hand finishing the Bradshaw wall light

At the moment there are a lot of projects being completed for the US where we have a large following. In the image below the Bradshaw wall lights and Bradshaw hanging lantern are being completed in antique brown bronze for the outside of a beautiful clapboard house.

The Bradshaw wall light in the background and the Bradshaw hanging lantern

We know these lanterns will look as glorious as our small convex lantern did in antique brown bronze, that Charlotte happened upon when she was on site in Sag Harbour and went on to be featured in Veranda magazine.

Our small convex globe in antique brown bronze in Sag Harbour