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Jamb Recollections of the Last Eight Months; March to November 2020
4 November 2020

It is extraordinary to think back to March this year when we were catapulted into the new way of living and working, and how we all had to adapt.

It doesn’t seem possible that the last time we wrote a blog was in lockdown and now as we write again, we cross the threshold into another.

Already, we sense a difference as we approach locking the doors again on Thursday. Its calmer, we don’t feel like we are spiralling into the unknown.

We draw strength in the knowledge that we can continue creating our reproduction pieces, taking orders as normal; but sadly once again we can’t welcome our faithful, committed clients to the Pimlico showroom for the time being.

Since we last wrote, we have launched an entire collection of lighting, including a new offering of painted finishes and over a dozen new lantern designs.

Last month we were named one of the best antique shops in the world in How to Spend it in the FT, and have made good use of this time, while construction was suspended, to restore and photograph over 20 antique mantels.

The workshops will continue to produce fantastic bespoke pieces, fastidiously drawing, moulding and carving from the antique, constantly improving the antique patina and depth of surface that can be achieved.

Our inventory of exotic marbles from Britain, Italy, France and Spain will continue to inspire.

With life somewhat diffused and without it’s normal bustle it allows you to have clarity on what has been achieved.

When we reopened the shop in June we would have loved a raucous, celebratory party, but alas we were stuck with masks and hand sanitiser instead

Molly and Wilfred have been magnificent being at the helm, never complaining of their new shrouded existence when dealing with clients.

We know we can continue to work throughout lockdown and when we resurface we will have more offerings and additions to the collection. This time though the front door will be locked, our fantastic team who keep everything going will be working as normal.

We wish you all well and continued health