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Hand Crafted Products at Jamb.
6 May 2016

This week London has been celebrating London Craft week – “the magical combination of imagination, individuality, passion and skill found in the best-made of things.”

Hand drawn and hand crafted by our skilled team.

In our London workshops we have a team of specialists working in both our fireplace and lighting departments, hand crafting the designs that we have created over the past ten years at Jamb.

Our reproduction range of hand crafted products includes over two hundred fireplaces, eightylighting designs and fifty furniture designs. Also we offer an extensive bespoke serivce, to accommodate for the varying demands of space, style and historical imperative. Any bespoke design is drawn up in our London Workshops.

The marble block is machine cut before it is hand crafted.

With our bespoke fireplaces, it is a little like pattern cutting. Once the fire surround is designed we work out how much marble or stone is needed and how it would be cut within the block. If we don’t have the stone or marble piece in our collection, we request the block of marble from Italy, with photos and a sample to show the client. Once this is approved the material is shipped to England. When it arrives the material is then cut into sections and hand carved and finished by one of our specialists in our London workshop.

The finished hand crafted product standing in our workshop.

We created a bespoke bolection fireplace in silver wave marble for a client in New York. The brief was a fire surround in black and white and we began by sourcing the material. When the marble arrived from Italy we designed a very specific bolection mould. It is much larger than our usual bolection reproduction fire surround with more depth and was drawn from our reference library of Wren mouldings.

Another reproduction collection which is forever expanding and designed with passionate accuracy, inspired from antique originals, is our lighting range which is all hand finished in our London workshop.

We approach our lighting in the same way and offer a bespoke service. A client may come to us wishing to match a light finish to the door furniture for example. We have over ten different finishes from which we hand patinate each lantern creating the essence of an original antique light.

There are many stages of hand finishing that takes place over many days with one specialist working exclusively on each design.

Our stone fireplaces that comes from the oldest quarries in England can also be aged to look two hundred years old, so that the end product appears to be from the eighteenth or nineteenth century.

I feel so proud of our extremely skilled teams and I am forever grateful for their craftsmanship and attention to detail that marks Jambs products in a league of their own.