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Encapsulating the Jamb Antique and Reproduction collections with a new catalogue.
13 April 2018

We have just published a new catalogue that encapsulates the breadth of the Jamb antique and reproduction chimneypiece,lighting and furniture collections. There are now over one hundred designs in each collection, so we felt that an overview catalogue would be the ideal way to illustrate what Jamb is now renowned for.

We are the destination for the world’s leading architects and interior designers in pursuit of the classical English country house aesthetic. All of our reproduction designs are based on historic originals from the 17th Century through to the Art Deco period of the 1930’s.

The Milton chimneypiece in Portland stone inspired by an 18th century neoclassical antique mantel with the Jacob basket in patinated finish, and the Dolphin lantern in distressed gilt.

The catalogue begins with the chapter ‘Stone’. We are incredibly proud of our stocks of rich, natural stone that include:Bath, Portland and Ancaster, sourced from the oldest English Roman quarries. We also offer an aging service, depending on your preference the stone can be lightly or heavily distressed that adds a deeper patination.

The Clarence chimneypiece in statuary white marble with the Grove register grate in patinated finish, together with the Dolphin lantern in distressed gilt.

We also reproduce our extensive collection of fireplaces, that include the recent additions: the Penton, Purcell and Mereworth designs, in the finest marbles. From white statuary and black marble through to rich and sumptuous Breche Violette’s and elegant and refined bardiglio.

The Burford chimneypiece in black marble with the simplified Coleridge basket in patinated bronze, together with the Bobbin Whatnot table.

Jamb’s journey began with antiques and we have one of the largest and finest (over two hundred) collections of antique chimneypieces in England – a collection that is as diverse in period as it is in style. From the rarest 17th Century mantels carved in stone to magnificent and lavishly ornate 18thCentury style chimneypieces in the manner of William Kent and to the elegant and pure designs of the 19th Century in the manner of Sir John Soane.

Once installed in the famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Manhattan. this elegant late 18th Century Carrara and white statuary marble chimneypiece was retrieved in the 1929 demolition that paved way for the Empire state building and is now a part of our antique chimneypiece collection.

From the fireplaces we lead into lighting. Since Jamb was created in 2001, our hanging lantern collections have grown to over one hundred designs derived from our archive of antique originals. The large Original Globe has become a signature of Jamb. All of our lighting is hand finished in a choice of different finishes and is designed for external as well as internal use.

The Windsor lantern in a distressed gilt finish with a brown bronze top.

The time taken in our English workshops to ensure the product reflects the utmost quality is integral to us. To create a finish that reflects the ambience of time and a product that reflects utter quality and craftsmanship like any true antique.

Our collection of wall lanterns not only compliment the hanging lanterns in our existing collections but are also available in many varying sizes. It is important to us that we can supply products that not only reflect historic relevance but are also practical in the use of space, however large or small. From the portico of a large English country house to the nook of a staircase in a cottage or town house.

The Conroy wall light in the antique bronze finish is also available in a nickel finish. As with so many of our lights, the Conroy can be installed in wet and damp listed areas and electrically finished for any part of the world.

With the Hanbury street interior project I was able to let my designs flourish. The group of lights I designed for this London town house fall under the name ‘the Hanbury Collection’ inspired largely by the 1920’s industrial age. The Conroy, Croft, Kick andAdler lights are all smaller sized, are more versatile and have a lower price point. As with all of our products they reflect a quality and pure craftsmanship that in my opinion are absolute perfection.

I used many of our reproduction furniture designs in Hanbury street. Shown here in the kitchen and dining room space are the Apsley dish light, the Cruxton table in English Oak with brass top and the Cobblers stool.

The catalogue completes with the furniture section. Within our London showroom you will not only find a large collection of antique furniture, but our ever expanding collection of reproduction furniture collection. All our furniture is hand made using the finest sustainable timbers and traditional cabinet making techniques. As always each piece is inspired from an antique we have owned. From a 19th Century begère armchair in the tradition of Gillows of Lancaster to a Regency style sofa or pollard oak console table.

I hope you enjoy it.