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Bringing in the New Year with Reflections and Intentions.
11 January 2019

We start the New Year by reflecting on the pivotal moments of 2018 which lead us to the developments and intentions set for 2019.

The new additions to our lighting collection: the Lethaby and the Elmslie hanging lanterns in our London showroom.

We spent last year continuing to settle into our twenty-four thousand square foot warehouse just outside London that was a former tank factory in the 1950’s. It seems incredible that we didn’t think we would ever be able to fill it, and now there isn’t a corner that’s not been filled as we continue to buy antique mantels and furniture as well as creating lighting and furniture products for the reproduction collections.

We felt it was time to invite Nathalie from the World of Interiors to see the London warehouse after eighteen months and some order had been found! As always it was a joy to see her and we were thrilled when she said Rupert wanted to feature the warehouse in the October issue of 2018, to be photographed by our friend Simon Upton, as ever he did a wonderful job.

The mezzanine that stores some of our antique furniture in our London warehouse.Photography: Simon Upton.

Alongside buying the antiques for the Hawker Antique side of Jamb, product development is my focus at Jamb. I love concentrating my frenetic nature on the inherent workings and balance of a design. The focus of each piece takes months and it is a joy for me and the team to see the methodical engineering and careful and precise design that completes each finished piece.

As well as concentrating on the lighting reproduction development, there is always a huge focus on fireplaces and we developed ten more reproduction mantel designs last year. Pure, elegant and refined designs crafted from our wonderful collection of semi-precious marble collections. Among many collaborations, Kit Kemp used the Easton fireplace in Breche in a wonderful pop up at Turnell & Gigon.

The Easton reproduction mantel in Breche marble in the Turnell & Gigon pop up shop designed by Kit Kemp.

The other wonderful collaboration we had in 2018 was with Matilda Goad celebrating the best of craftsmanship during London Craft week. There is nothing like seeing the ancient crafts continued to be taught and shared by skilled artisans, craftsman and designers. We had great fun seeing Matilda decorate our antique busts with shell headdresses and delicious beeswax candles.

Beeswax candles and shell headdresses adorn our 18th and 19th Century busts.

It was also the year for our grate and furniture collections, where we added many pieces among them: the Jacob and Harrold grate, the Albury Regency style sofa and Millicent Howard style armchair (see below). Each piece inspired from an antique original and made with same 18th Century techniques.

The Millicent Howard reproduction armchair covered in Michael Smith Jasper fabric ‘Remy’ in Red.

The end of the year was beautifully encapsulated by a feature in the Saturday Telegraph on how the family spends Christmas in the city. Beautifully shot by Michael Sinclair and brilliantly captured by Elfreda Pownall.

Christmas in our home at Camberwell, as seen in the Saturday Telegraph. Photographed by Michael Sinclair.

We look forward to the New Year and launching many new designs we have been working on, to be finalised very soon. It must be noted how grateful we are to have the brilliant and passionate craftsman who work tirelessly for Jamb, with all their effort and expertise they bring to the every day they work with us. And then of course to our clients. Thank you for all the wonderful projects and collaborations and here is to the most prosperous, healthy and enjoyable 2019 for us all.