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Beautiful reproductions and Lighting Solutions.
8 June 2018

Even though my first love, from a child, was Antiques I have subsequently become equally focused and passionate about creating the most beautiful reproductions. These designs are inspired from antiques which are often amended to create an idealised article, be it alantern or chimneypiece. A recent project with the Royal Academy illustrates this. We were delighted to make four Original globe lanterns ( the very first design we created fifteen years ago ) for the exterior of the recently renovated Burlington House of the Royal Academy.

The lanterns will illuminate the way for the start of the Summer show which opens next week, coordinated by Grayson Perry. Hand finished in an protective brown bronze finish with gilt highlights, they will continue to weather beautifully. Many layers are applied that creates a strong protective exterior, which works perfectly either for a city or a coastal environment anywhere in the world.

So much of our work is spent collaborating with interior designers internationally and we get involved with the most amazing projects. There have been times where lighting solutions are required and bespoke lighting fixtures created. When asked “Is it possible?”…we always try to answer “Yes!”…

We have had to consider everything with our lantern installations from high winds to coastal corrosive salty conditions. On many occasions we have customised lanterns to work with motion sensors and safety extra low voltage LED light sources for pool houses in many locations around the world.

We recently worked on a project with the Chicago based interior designer Alessandra Branca for a hotel in Windsor, Florida on the Atlantic Coast. We had to work out a way to hang the Hyde lantern and protect it from the sub-tropical winds that can be up to seventy five miles per hour! Our wonderful lighting team in our London warehouse translated Alessandra’s solution of suggested hanging it with Roman style multiple chains which was the most elegant solution.

For larger, tall houses that have many floors, we’ve been asked to adapt our globe lanterns to a three tier construction to hang in succession throughout a stairwell. It proves very effective and works beautifully time after time.

Our lights have been adapted to fit on the gate posts of the entrance of many English Country houses and have been used for security lights and emergency exit lighting. As we work with designers and clients all around the world we can adapt our lighting in most situations. For example in America we can adapt our lights for gas as well as electricity.

We made these brackets on a one-off basis to our original design. The backplate was big enough so they could be wired for UL Wet listing, to pass the legal requirements for safety in America. This was a wonderful example of not only creating a bespoke solution to our lighting, but illustrated how we have the capacity to support large scale jobs – in the end, this project needed thirty lanterns!

Hanging a lantern from a bracket allows it to leave the confines of the porch or portico and enhance the exterior of a building.

The aim is to create a bracket that compliments both the design of the lantern and the architecture. Something that is strong yet refined. We work closely with the client’s design team to ensure the final product works proportionally and with the electrical installation.

The majority of our hanging lanterns are UL listed for Wet Location. We also have two versions of IP44 rated interior, a single stem with 1 bulb or a 3 or 4-arm pendant.

With each project we are delighted to see the development of the journey from start to finish. Each time it is so individual and a joy for us to work with such creative and talented visionaries.