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Antique Chimneypieces and Fire Surrounds.
10 July 2015

Jamb has one of the largest Antique Chimneypiece and fire surrounds collection in England and to represent this we have just published our latest antique catalogue, Jamb Antiques IV.

Our latest catalogue represents the finest Antique Chimneypieces in our collection

We have chosen fifty mantels currently in stock that illustrate the breadth and range of the current collection. Examples are diverse in style and feature antique fire surrounds dating from the seventeenth through to the nineteenth century in stone, marble and timber.Two of these recently acquired Antique fire surrounds have just been installed into our London Pimlico Road Showroom.

One of our finest Antique Chimneypiece and Fire surrounds

This magnificent and important George II English chimneypiece of the highest quality white statuary and Siena marble in the manner of Sir Henry Cheere (G264) was installed for the Pimlico Road party a couple of weeks ago. It took two men to lift each of the monumental Siena columns into place and when stood it towered above the partying crowds. It sold later that night.

The 18th century fire surround standing in our London Pimlico road showroom

This late eighteenth century antique fireplace was originally designed for Arthurstone House in Perthshire, Scotland. Ultimately pleasing in its architectural form in Old English and Potoro Nero marbles, strong links can be drawn to an example by Robert Adam. It reminds me of the chimneypiece in the North drawing room of Dumfries House, one of the finest Palladian mansions in Scotland.

An extraordinary Georgian column fire surround in Statuary marble with Siena inlay

I was offered Androcles and the Lion several years prior to the date I eventually bought it. Whilst a later replication of an eighteenth century original, the quality is truly outstanding and I was beside myself to own it. I have written about it in an earlier blog about the symbolism in Antique fireplaces. This exquisitely carved chimneypiece depicts the fable of Androcles and the Lion, which symbolises ultimate loyalty and the power of friendship.

A George II Kilkenny fossil marble fire surround made for Castlemorris.

The joy of this fire surround is the provenance, material and maker. This magnificent George II Kilkenny fossil marble chimneypiece was designed and made by William Colles in 1751 for the Drawing Room in Castlemorris, County Kilkenney, Ireland, which was sadly demolished in 1978. Its twin is shown here in situ before Castlemorris was unroofed and the demolition sale took place.

After William Colles, the maker died, his son erected a monument with these words, ” By an uncommon genius he discovered and by unwearied application and patience, perfected the art of sawing, boring and polishing marble…His whole life was employed in works beneficial to Society. HIs manner was inoffensive and his conduct always upright.” I couldn’t wish for a better testimony.

An exquisitely carved example of a French eighteenth century fire surround

This beautiful executed carved French Louis XVI antique fireplace with its statuary frieze centred with a flower head and flanked by layered fruiting laurel leaves is one of the most intricate in detail.

These are just a few examples of the fire surrounds included in our Volume IV antique chimneypiece catalogue.The exciting thing about the antique trade is one never knows what one will have the chance to buy. It is also an exciting process to document and publish them in this latest catalogue. I can’t wait to see what I find next.