An attractive late 18th century, Scottish chimneypiece of statuary and variegated grey and black flecked marbles. Originally from Thriepley House, Scotland. Circa 1795.

With simple breakfront shelf above the frieze which is centred with a finely carved oblong tablet with the Prince of Wales's ostrich feathers emerging from a coronet in an oval frame, surrounded by scrolling flowering foliage, the pilaster jambs decorated with statuary tapering fluted shafts with rectangular blockings decorated with thistles emblematic of Scotland. The whole on footblocks. 

Height 55 11/16 in (141.5cm) width 70 11/16 in (179.6cm)
Internal height 43 11/16 in (111cm) width 47 5/8 in (121cm)
Footblock to footblock 64 15/16 in (165cm)