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An Imposing and Decadent, Late Regency Style, Architectural Chimneypiece in Solid Sienna Marble and of Exceptional Quality yet Simple Design

An imposing and decadent architectural chimneypiece of exceptional quality yet simple design, constructed of solid Sienna marble of late Regency style, probably of William IV date. With a rectangular shelf, plain frieze and wide pilaster jambs. An interesting minimalistic style chimney piece using the colours of the Sienna to advantage. This fireplace serves as a precursor to the new era of modernism through simplicity of pared down design.

External height 54¾in (139.2cm) width 69⅜in (176.2cm)
Shelf length 80⅜in (204.2cm) depth 13¼in (33.5cm)
Internal height 42¾in (108.7cm) width 44in (111.7cm)
Footblock to footblock 71⅛in (180.7cm)