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An elegant black and Statuary marble, Regency, Doric order fireplace

An early 19th century, Regency Doric order antique fireplace of the style popularised by Sir John Soane, circa 1810. This bold design cleverly exploits the dramatic polychromatic effect of black and white statuary marble; this is further articulated by the use of simple reeded mouldings, which create light and shadow. The chimneypiece is composed of thick pieces of black marble with both applied and over-layed white decoration. The frieze, with a simple reeded moulding, joins the squared blockings of the paterae decorated jambs. These are upheld by pairs of simple attenuated Doric columns, lifted on white footblocks.

Height 48 1/2 in (123.2cm) width 63 1/2 in (161.3cm)
Internal height 39 1/2 in (100.5cm) width 43 in (109.2cm)
Shelf depth 9 1/4 in (23.5cm)