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Jamb 314 fireplace


A good, late 18th century, Italian Statuary marble fireplace

A good late 18th century Italian statuary marble fireplace with highly symbolic decoration allegorical of the Ancient Roman Republic. With a simple one-piece concave moulded shelf, the frieze decorated with tied laurel leaves emblematic of victory, the pilaster jambs with carved panels of Fasces, bundles of wooden rods enclosing an axe and bound with straps, the emblem of higher Roman magistrates signifying their authority to scourge and to behead, carried by their attendants the Lictors. Attributes of justice personified, surmounted by end blockings with sunflowers.

Height 45½in (116cm) width 65in (165cm)
Internal height 38in (93.6cm) width 45¾in (116.3cm)
Depth 6¼in (16.2cm)