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A fine early 19th Century, carved Portland Stone, neo-gothic fireplace

An early 19th century, carved Portland stone, neo-gothic Tudor style fireplace, probably commissioned to celebrate the marriage of WR and PR, whose initials are carved into the spandrels above the opening. With sloping pointed shaped header and canted half columns to the sides.

The fashion for the neo-gothic style was popularised in the early 19th century by the influential periodical the Repository of the Arts by Ackermann, published between 1809 and 1829 and was taken on with gusto by the leading architects, most notably Nash and Cockerel.

Height 57 1/2 in (146.1cm) width 70 1/2 in (179cm)
Internal height 46 3/4 in (119cm) width 48 1/8 in (122.3cm)
Footblock to footblock 63 in (160cm)
Shelf depth 9 in (22.8cm)