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For this project our client requested our Tavistock Design. They loved the finely carved decoration with the elegant fluted Roman Ionic columns and egg and dart mouldings but wanted it in Arabesco Marble. An extremely beautiful grey marble that we source from Italy. 

Any process for Bespoke fireplaces comes in four stages. Firstly the design is drawn up in our London Workshop. A little like pattern cutting, we work out how much marble is needed for the design and how it would be cut within the block. Then we request the block of marble from Italy with photos and a sample to show the client. Once this is approved the marble is shipped over from Italy. Once it arrives the fireplace is then cut into sections and hand carved. They were delighted with this fireplace. The figuring of the Marble in contrast with the strict Georgian proportions and the Arabesco marble further enhanced the dramatic effect of the fire surround.