Original, Handcrafted Christmas Present Ideas from Jamb.

This Saturday it’s Pimlico Road shopping day and we have compiled some present ideas from Jamb that are original and would hopefully delight the receiver!Jamb Christmas presents

I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t appreciate a wonderful book for Christmas and we have Sinke & Von Tongeren’s ‘First Book’ – a wonderful coffee table book that details their passion and approach to their work.

From the book to the real thing – we have many taxidermy pieces that are totally bespoke and unique and which you will never be able to replace. Darwin, Sinke & Von Tongeren are the modern masters of taxidermy. The ‘missing link’ between classic taxidermy and modern art. They use the traditional techniques from the 17th century but execute the art in the most sublime way. Damian Hirst bought their entire first collection. We have some exquisite pieces in the showroom.

Jamb Christmas Presents

A set of our Stockton hand crafted fire tools.

For the person in your life who is passionate about hand crafted traditional techniques, a set of fire tools would be highly appealing as the craftsmen at our unique workshops use traditional hand crafted 18th and 19th century techniques, such as forging and engraving based on the finest antique original. The original hand-forged method of manufacture has been employed in the traditional foundry production of both the Stockton and the Rossmore. They are wonderful products and their handsome construction completes the look of any mantel. Within the ‘Hawker’ antique side of Jamb, we also have antique fire tools available.

Jamb Christmas Presents

Antique hand crafted fire tools that will complete the look on any mantel.

Jamb Christmas presents

Unique boxes from ‘Posh Kindling’ to start the Christmas fires!

The ‘Posh kindling’ handcrafted crackers and boxes have been flying out the shop but there is still time to acquire a box or cracker as a present or to light your fire to ceremoniously mark the beginning of Christmas. Each cracker contains dried Eucalyptus leaves & lavender flowers. You simply place a cracker in the grate and lay your fire. The smell is irresistible and before the festivities even begin you or the receiver will become instantly relaxed and grateful for the speed with which the fire begins!

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