A good quality Regency period, statuary marble column fireplace, made in Italy for the English market to a British neoclassical design. The rectangular moulded tiered shelf above the frieze, which is centred with a rectangular plaque with a finely executed female winged head of Medusa, on a contrasting plain background. This is flanked by panels decorated with six posies of flowers within geometric borders. The pilaster jambs fronted with tapering, fluted, full round columns with Ionic caps and surmounted by rectangular protruding blockings with carved flower shaped paterae. The whole raised on footblocks. Circa 1820. 

Height 52 1/2 in (133cm) width 66 1/2 in (169cm)
Internal height 40 in (101.6cm) width 50 1/4 in (127.5cm)
Footblock to footblock 67 in (170cm) 
Shelf depth 10 1/2 in (26.5cm)