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An early 19th century, statuary marble, English chimneypiece, circa 1810. With moulded shelf above the frieze; which is centred with a well-carved scene of Neptune (the god who in classical mythology ruled the seas and its inhabitants) holding a three pronged trident, flanked by stylised dolphins and at the ends, fish-tailed Tritons blowing their conch shells. The pilaster jambs decorated with inverted tridents entwined with withering sea snakes. The whole raised on foot blocks.

Height 46 1/4 in (117.5cm) width 45 1/4 in (115.2cm)
Internal height 37 1/4 in (94.3cm) width 31 1/2 in (80cm)
Footblock to footblock 42 in (106.6cm)
Shelf depth 8 in (20.5cm)